quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2009

I Crashed into the Garage door..

BBQ-September 5th

Mountain-September 6th

Crashing into the garage door of in-laws...

As I wrote before, I am learning how to drive and I have got my driver's permit, which means I can drive with someone that is 21 years old or over and this person needs to have a license. So last monday (September 7th) was Labor day here in US. I was bored as hell, so I got the keys of the car and went for a drive around the neighborhood by myself. I drove fine, and when I got home and I was parking the car, I forgot I had my foot on the accelerator, and thinking that I had my foot on the brake I stepped on it kinda hard, and guess what??
Yup..I crashed into my parents in law garage door. It has been fixed already and lucky it wasn't that expansive to fix it, because it actually didn't break the whole door, it just got out of track.
Now I laugh about it, but I got really worried and nervous. And our car is fine, I just dented the hood.

Meyke Darelli

terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2009